Tuesday, January 13

Proof, not positive

Not sure who to thank, but thanks for the gloves.

Have you ever been knocked out?

Once in grade school (roughhousing in the lunch line- they were) and
once in a car crash I shouldn't have survived (my friend wasn't so lucky)
If you have ever had your soul knocked out of your body you would know what I am talking about, and it is more like the cartoons than it is in the movies. The x's across the eyes will really explain it, if you know what I mean. No, I didn't just get in a fight or knocked out or nothing, I was just thinking to myself (who else do I think to anyway) Like most intelligent, rational people I wonder about life, death, god, no god and what have you. Fact: there is a god!

Possible Proof: {time/space}= from all logical points, forever
My time as a human= 80-100 years.
given this fact what happens to the [energy]( that was me) when I die?
I think this works into a math equation somehow.

Remember; energy can neither be created nor destroyed, only converted.

so does logic tell me that I am forever just in a different state? animals and plants are included.

exhaust is energy in a different dimension

When I was knocked out the first time, its not like sleep, it is more like death. That portion of your life is non-existent. You will most likely not have a memory of several hours before. To this day I do not remember anything that happened. I was told Randall was getting rough and ended up (accidentally) shoving me into the cinder brick wall. I woke up several hours later in the Assistant Principals lap. Very disoriented and confused. Not a thing I would wish on any one
It does however leave a lasting memory, with few details. The second time I was knocked out;
Rattled my life for quite a few years; and in the end brought me to terms with my maker.

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