Tuesday, January 13

Back to my favorite moon. There are so many questions left unanswered about the moon. For one does this moon really look like this, all blue and stuff? Theory is that there could be liquid water below the frozen ice surface. If this is the case, is there anyway of making a propulsion landing without breaking the ice surface. The facts we do know, mostly ice, density about a 6th of our own moon, and it orbits Saturn in about 33 Earth hours. (32.9 to be exact) it spews ice and debris from canyon like cracks (tiger stripes ) near the southern pole. Observations show the material to be similar to that in comets. credits
I bet the scientists at NASA are quite confused right now. I hear they want to do further studies on Titan, the big moon with atmosphere, they would like to study Enceladus more to understand the geysers and then there are a host of more moons orbiting the planet. I wouldn't know where to begin. Think they go their moneys worth with Cassini? Opened up a pandora's box so to speak. With allot of questions in it. The ultimate question that shall go unanswered... Why? Just like the little kid asking his dad, why. There will alway be questions, always be one more that still needs an answer. As for the rings, These are indeed the deepest of the mystery of this Giant

So many questions, are they a permanent fixture, why are they so prominent on Saturn and not the others? There you go, the ultimate question, why. It does seem like the answer will never be answered but still we have a burning to know.

And what about the other moons?

should we stop at Saturn?

I don't think that is the question you want to ask me.
the answer is quite obvious.

where do we stop then? That is also a no brainer, when we know all that we can know.

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Its very hard work, definitely not a life's aim for me either.

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