Tuesday, January 13


According to one of my new friends (blogosphere) hot chocolate and rum is a good drink.
Well I went the extra mile, not being a big fan of rum, whiskey is more my caliber; I find this rum concoction to be quite tastey Jules, thanks man, new one to my list of favorite drinks. Now I did skip the marshmallow and whip cream. These I consider to be the fru fru (girly) part of the drink. To set your mind at ease, I will not be driving a motor vehicle or operating any heavy equipment for the next 12 hours.
Well seems we are getting some snow here in the Queen City, major snow like 3 inches or so. Nothing to you Clevelanders or Michiganites but that's a good heavy snow for us. You can't see it here but this cat goes wild for snow. Jumping at the door chasing after the snowflakes, Its pretty funny.

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Contest Chris said...

I will be trying this tonight. Thanks for the tip.