Tuesday, January 13


ok problem is: I say the Baltimore Colts are the Colts because there is a history of horse racing in Baltimore, my opponent says they were named from a 'what to name the team' contest, and then I have read they simply took the name from the texas team that folded, do you know?
Bovine, you can't answer this one


Psyconym said...

Oxford is the best of the best. Chances are slim, but you have to be in it to win it, which is my philosophy. My tutor told me to apply, my other tutor told me to stay at Reading. I've chosen to believe the former tutor, however I didn't realise the deadlines would be so soon. Bummer!

You are right about English and History. I miss them, but I felt it time to develop as an individual and get out into the world and explore alternatives. Maybe I have over thought this too much, and should return to my original career aim of being an academic.

Its tough these career decisions and I have been complacent of late. I've done this careers test that basically leads me in two different directions.

Life can be confusing.


Neo said...

just don't over think this, apply to oxford, and see what happens, apply others, and you can always have your choice at that, I would jump on oxford given the chance