Tuesday, February 24

Dinner Tonight

well here goes another cinci fav. And you think I'm having pizza? Guess again, they also have the Italian sandwich known as a hoagie. MsP the standard Steak Hoagie, pizza sauce, cheese and pickle only, Ash is getting her standard, Meatball hoagie, cheese with fries and I of course I will get the "baked buddie" Founders name was Buddie LaRosa, but I order mine with italian dressing instead of the mayo. I also get a small order of buffalo wings (had no idea buffalo could fly) Well if you get the chance to meander into the cinci area stop here for some pizza or anything Italian, spaghetti, sandwiches, lasagna, about anything you could imgine on an italian menu... great food reasonable price and home town good.

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Lara said...

Cincinnati sounds yummy ... I'll have to plan to go there this year.