Tuesday, February 24

Follow up

ok follow up on a past post. Walk into my favorite lunch spot today. Intent was to order a 4 way chili (spaghetti, chili, cheese and onions*) The waitress comes to the table my work partner says "can I have a menu?" Excuse me Fred, this is skyline chili, what the heck to you need a menu for? Most here in Cincinnati know items on the menu include a cheese coney (chili on a hot dog topped with cheese onions if you prefer) also available without the hot dog known as a chili cheese sandwitch on a hot dog dog bun; chili 2 way (spaghetti and chili) 3 way (spaghetti chili and cheese) chili 4 way (*replace onion with beans) or all or the above know as a 5 way. Well ok in days past they have added stuff, salads, buritoes and such ...
so anyway, she has to go fetch a menu for Fred, and says what would you like to drink? Fred gets ice tea, I 0n the other hand order up a cup of coffee. She throws back to me "cream?" well not being in a creamy mood today I say "no thanks, you can hold the spoon". Low and behold the coffee is delivered no spoon included. Come right down to it, I have worked in a restaraunt as a dishwasher, and have cleaned my fare share of unused utensiles, so I'm just trying to lighten the work load on the dishwasher. I mean heck, if you go to a steak house and by custom you eat steak as finger food, then tell them to hold off the steak knife. Or if soup to you is finger food, hold the spoon. Think back to the extra work you have done because of tradition. If I was your job to open the door, most guys like to open their own doors, or the valae, you know most guys like to fetch their own cars. A guy I work with put it best by saying "come on!"

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