Monday, February 2

Funny thing about computers. More like a funny thing about me. I had my dell about 2 years. Did quite a bit of research in the time, about networking computers. Ended up with an old machine that I was able to format to Win XP and I started down the road of Networking. It took some trial and error, I had never done this before. Well I did it, had the router and 2 computers in a network. I could play tunes on either computer from my dell. A-Square (the computer from the garage sale) was my server with an FTP program and all the files I could get on the little 20 g hard drive. Its like a progressive disease, form 1 computer you network 2 then 3. Its pretty easy to get the computers in the network, you just plug into the router. Takes a little more to be able to transfer files back and forth between computers.

Quite dissappointed in myself more than anything. Been all day trying to get ubuntu installed on this old computer. I think the first disk I burned of this install was bad. It downloaded in abou 20 mins, the second one took over an hour. So anyhow I am installing a new o/s on my old computer, I will fill you in on how it works.

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