Tuesday, February 3

New computer

still trying to get this operating system on my older computer. I was using Ubuntu a few weeks back, installed through windows and I liked it. Very Windows like and fairly easy to navigate. I am now starting to collect ubuntu install disks, 1st one was in a Winrar archive, (like winzip), and I couldn't use that one. The second one seems to work to install in the Windows program but won't install as a free standing o/s. The third try to down load and burn the image it down loaded in about 20 minutes, Think thats was a bit quick considering it took about 90 mins the last time I downloaded and burned it to a bootable cd.

Well you guesed right I am at it again today. I installed it twice yesterday. the first time it got to the partitioner and had an error. I was attempting to partition around Windows XP . The progress bar remained at 0% for more than an hour and the error message presented its self.
Took Windows out of the equation. That was ok though, most data was on removables. Try again, as my browser says every once in a while. This time I got through the partition creating , formatting and install, at the end of which I was looking at a black screen with a working cursor. Scratching my head, I'm baffled at this point.
I have successfully installed Windows at least a hundred times, 98 se and XP professional.

Everything seems to be going along; a bit slow, but seems to be going fine.

ok install complete, black screen with a working cursor??? wtf


boot up takes forever username screen came up, password screen came up and I am looking at a blank yellowish brown screen with an inactive progress icon that I can move around the screen.

giving up for a bit now, will reinstall windows xp and be happy with that

But anyhow, as for my new computer, its fantastic. I am going to leave it as XP for a while, have to work up the nerve to switch to Vista. I have been peeking around at Vista on MsP's new lappy it doesn't seem to be a huge change from XP just different graphics and they moved the add remove icon and renamed it and changed the icon.... geeze, of all things to improve on.... something that worked just fine the way it was!

I see what my daughter was talking about with the improved security, but then that's just reworded from "are you sure you want to..." That one goes back quite a few different Windows releases. ( I remember that on 98se)

Oh I almost forgot while I'm sitting here installing this o/s I was working on the network here at the Pirate Head Quarters and I got MsP on (she could see my dell but I couldn't see her HP)
that makes about 600 gs of storage space. She doesn't want me to store stuff on her computer
though. So I'll do with the some 380g in my 2 computers.

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