Wednesday, February 18

look ma, no cords

ok, had a big hoot about this the other day. A somewhat friend comes in and acts like my computer and my network is his and he wants a wireless network, and I tell you my hard wire router has been more than perfect for more than 4 years now. You might say I was a bit peeved with him. I understood the thing was his daughter lives here, yea this is MsP's ex. So MsP talks with me got my shorts unbunched, so to speak and I see the point My computer is the only desktop still here, and 2 laptop computers, yea wireless is the way. So he comes over again tonight to install a wireless router; hard wired to my desktop (as the router sits right over here) another desktop, at the side of my desk (so I lied, I have 2 desktops) and 2 wireless connections. I am impressed so far. Where was my head at the other day when I got all mad about this router (which doesn't belong to me) being installed on my... yea I said my network. Guess its an ownership thing, title to the car, its mine, the network thing is a mine thing, and having alien hardware on my (yea said my again) network... well anyhow, long as no one pulls the title deal and wants it back I can do this. In my bull headed state I did order a Linksys wireless from Amazon. I just like the feeling of ownership my computer and network gives me and I like to be responsible for hardware and connection. Must be an Irish thing or somewhat.

These wireless routers don't let rain and storms interfere do they?

Just one thing though, if the kids dad bought a wireless connection to my (yea my again) network and the network is mine, name and all; who does the router really belong to?

On the up and up x-husband will get the router back or I'll give it to the kid, what use does a 13 year old have for a router?

Well anyhow I really don't see a big difference other than there's not a bunch of cords going from the router to the computers. You might say it looks a little less 'office like' in here now.

So what do you want to talk about? I keep spilling my guts about my computer stuff and all, any feed back?

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Lara said...

I'm enjoying your guts-y posts about computer stuff and space, along with your words on other things.

: )