Tuesday, February 17

News on Vista

News to the world: Windows Vista does not know when you are using a file that you are trying to move. XP used to tell me, "cannot move (title) it is being used by another person or program; Vista simply tells I need permission to move the folder. In fact does not even specify the fold the error is including, just says "YOU NEED PERMISSION TO DO THIS"..... Now excuse me, I am the administrator of this computer, I am the only account on this computer. Who prey tell is going to grant me permission? Windows Vista has a personality conflict with me, doesn't seem to know who the boss/owner/adimistrator is.


Jonathan Bert said...

My condolences to all of you stuck with Vista. I have attempted to help friends with the misfortune of acquiring a computer with this operating system and there is no help. The Apple ads are not lying.

Neo said...

Vista isn't all that bad, when used to an operating system it is a bit difficult to get used to another one.