Tuesday, February 17

Spring break

As I surf as I do most of the time I came across a blog that I have been following , unique in that the author likes to just start conversation by comments.

I just posted the short verstion of my spring break trip when I was attending boarding school in Wilbraham Ma.

School administration (a befriended teacher) made good and sure I got to the airport, Bradley Field, and made my flight, checked baggage and all the stuff to getting on the plane home to Cincinnati. Actually was the first and only experience I had on a commercial flight.

(this is not me, but it fits the idea here)

I was about 17 and went in the air with a high school friend with a pilots license, no other flying experience. It was an uneventful flight, think I had a snack and a coke, before I knew it we landed at CVG, Cincinnati International. My parents were there to "welcome me home" with my newly pierced ear and all. When I did get home after the big 'scene' about the ear ring and all that jazz, I came to find the Alvarez acoustic guitar I had with me had some how ventured off to Washington DC. This was a drag, more so than you could imagine, as that guitar was my only friend. I had sort of built a wall around myself, think you could find this to be a defense mechanism of the human mind.

The cause of this is too complex to cover in a bl0g post. I assure you I was every bit to blame for this as any one situation in a long problematic teenage life.

Well as I remember the stay home was not so bad, that I remember, after my Alvarez caught back up with me I had a peaceful time off from school.

Now I can't say I'm not to blame but as the plane touched down at Bradley Field, there was no one to meet me, or provide a ride back to my dorm at "The Wilbraham and Monson Academy" (traditional bass line for sudden and impending doom) So here I am at a major International airport, no one there to meet me I am on my own at this point. Well being a pirate of old, I didn't panic; I remained cool, all except the haunting feeling that my guitar might not be in tow. Well the friend made it along with my clothes and such. Picked up the suitcase and my guitar case and headed to the main exit gate. With some $20 in my pocket I decided the bus would get me back to school, well wasn't all spent on the bus, but the bus didn't get me all the way back to school. Not sure exactly how far back to my dorm I traveled one arm carrying my clothes, the other gently carrying my friend. I was no stranger to hitch hiking. Got back to school in my dorm about dinner time.

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