Tuesday, February 24


so I have a bag, sitting up side down or front side down on the counter top. I am looking and in the bottom left hand side is a caption: "Lays are made with 100% natural oil." Well now excuse me for being picky (more over "nit picky") Can't 100% natural include animal lard or even prude oil? Not being a big health food nut Lay's,Frito's or Doritos are fine with me, but don't we need to hold these companies responsible for letting us know what we are ingesting, so the doctors will know what the heck it was that really killed us? "He died of cancer" is just becoming too much of a 'catch phrase'

Seems to me cancer, heart attack or stroke can almost fall into the "natural causes" catagory

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Lara said...

I choose what to eat based on how it tastes.

: )