Friday, February 13

Speakers and keyboards

Talked to the boss at work, mechanic guy is coming out to get the equipment serviced but chances are I won't need to be there, another day off, I am good with this.

This keyboard is a bit different from the ones I have used before. Very touchy, I will occasionally hit a key on the bottom row and have a few times erased the post I am working on. I can't switch keyboards, this is the only usb keyboard I have and the new computer does not have the ps2

jacks for the mouse and keyboard in the back. Guy at the store was telling me this, got home and found I wouldn't plug my wireless keyboard/mouse set to my new Dell. Had to drag out my other cordless mouse. It gets sticky and jumpy at times. I will be buying another one soon probably.

Well I need to go out, turns out the boss will need me to come in for a few. check with ya later.

Kentucky is close, I am so happy, being the king of procrastination I did finally get down there to pic up a couple of cartons of vice; legal of course.

oh, I did make it to the parts store to return that 'core' battery I changed the other day. All done electronic on my card so no cash, that's ok, I don't deal with cash too much. Card is so much more convienent

Now this is a particular tune by Pink Floyd that renders Blue Floyd worthless.... Accomplished blues guys converting Pink Floyd to blues, I tell you it is already blues, no conversion needed.

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