Monday, March 2

The Clock on the Wall

Alarm goes off, waking from another night of sleep. So I'm on a time delay to work today. Got a call last night, "lets meet at 10, give it time to warm up a bit". And get this as I am writing this post boss calls me... Its too cold out there, bag it for the day and we meet up tomorrow. How darn cool is that?

You are probably wondering why I am up so early if work doesn't start till 10, in the wait find work is canceled today? Well I had to take MsP to work again since my car is still in the shop and her work is about 3 blocks away. So the Z place (where my car is not getting fixed) is on the list of calls to make and find out what is the deal with POS Ford, or Pitiful Probe.

good version of the Beatles "I Want To Hold Your Hand" in German,(Komm, Gib Mir Deine Hand) At least that seems like German to me.

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