Monday, March 2


This is the classic, the best cartoon I think I have ever watched. One of the blogs I follow has had the pleasure of meeting some cartoonists. I wonder is Charles Shultz was one of them? Would be interesting to have a casual converstion with a man that can remember childhood in such a way as he did.
The football, the kite, the Christmas tree, with an every so hidden adult theme made this cartoon enjoyable to young and old it was certainly a classic.

Then you have this guy.
A chemistry student bitten by a radioactive spider set out to rid the world of crime and evil. Forget the Hollywood version, lets stick to the cartoon version. (in cartoons anything can happen) Fighting against such foes as Electro, and Dr Octopus... now that is some real entertainment.

this song reminds me of the scene when Peter Parker(Spiderman) would be hangin in the places the the college kids where, he had his work to do though.
This post would not be complete with these guys either...
What a hilarious start to the weekend, Elmer Fudd, "I''m going to shoot the rabbit" as the cartoon opera goes. Tweety and Sylvester always kept you on your toes, and then Roadrunner, lol, will "Super Genius" Wile E Coyote ever learn that Acme is just junk.

Just a wealth of cartoon entertainment back in my youth.

and came to my attention just a few moments ago, I did leave out one of the coolest

Thanks Nooter, didn't mean to leave this
guy out.

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underdog rules!!