Wednesday, March 4


A little toned down as it was the year of the charcoal filter and other such "eco enhancing, burn the fuel twice technology; but simply has to be my favorite of all American cars. I was thinking of getting you excited for me and was gonna tell you I was picking up the new vehicle tomorrow, haha...
But I won't do that, like I have told you in the past I am not "into" any group, organization or alliance having to do with high powered high performance autos but I have just simply always loved this car. Come to think of it there were some older cars that I really liked.





want to have. Maybe in Corvette yellow or grey. This is the one that really had some juice, no polution controls to take the power. Looks very similar but are separated by about 6 years. To think, to this day I have never driven or even taken a ride in a Corvette. Been in a Chevelle with a 396 big block, been on a Harley (rider of course)
I have owned one "muscle car"; was a 1978 Olds Cutlass Supreme, 305, headers, 4 barrel, split hi performance exhaust and all the stuff. Would have been nice to have that car with a 350 and all the fixins but would have been hard to stay off the 4 barrel.
Sucked gas like (no problem I'll just get more tomorrow). But actually (I know its poor gramar to start a sentence with 'but') the best car I had, or should I phrase that my favorite car was my 78 Camaro. Not much under the hood, had a 250 inline 6 and a wimpy 2 barrell... but it got good mpg, had a 3 speed on the floor and when push came to shove that little machine would up and get it. When it came to repairs, man, that motor is the best, small, lots of room to work and never went out bad or died, change the valve cover gasket and the side panel gaskit and run another 120 k miles. I suspect GM discontinued that motor because it didn't break down and didn't bring in an after sale market.

Talk about a gap... Went car shopping with my daughter a few months back; we looked at a Tiburon, I drove it and didn't particularly like the small shift lever... was a real problem getting into 2nd gear. We were at a used lot, I said well lets have a look at what they have here. I sat in a nice Sunbird said "Jas, take a look at this one." Had a stick shift, which is what she wanted, she came over, close enough to see inside, and said, "no way, I am not doing crank windows" I'm sitting there, like geeze, it don't got electric window so you just simply dis it? kids today, what gives?

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