Sunday, March 8


Well tie me up and beat me some more Bill (Gates)

My email makes it to my computer, I can access at my isp home page. However I use Thunderbird as my mail account and it won't download there. I can send mail using Thunderbird, but no incoming mail. Been this way for a couple days. I am sure the server. settings are right, the problem is not the router, I went modem to my computer, still the same thing. I have been actively hunting down what the problem could be for 2 days now. Leaves me scratching my techy head. So it its not the isp or the router one would think its the mail server program, Thunderbird in this case. So I uninstall and reinstall Thunderbird and still the same problem. Mind baffling if not altering. I will get to the bottom of this problem, just may take me a while.

Wow ... and just as soon as it started acting up, it quit acting up, Email program is working again.

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