Thursday, May 14

clearing my throat.

you will notice in this article, "investigations to 'war crimes' commited by the Bush Adminstration" God give it a rest! Foremost, I don't think the public should have knowledge and information on "war activity". This is war, and War is Hell. Things happen in wartime that I for one do not want to know about. It really doesn't bother me to be torchering "suspencted terrorists". For that matter I think the KKK is over due for some "interigation". The military in a tone of efficincy is thinking "what ever it takes to get the information". That is fine with me, the military "is excused by god". In war, morals are out to lunch, you have to play the game dirtyer than your opponent ... Atomic bombs oh Hiroshima/Nagasaki. Case and point, stop sending reporters in harms way, leave the war stuff to the guys who know war... The Military!

By the way, legalizing Marijuana is a good idea, more tax income for State and Federal Government.

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