Saturday, May 23


no I didn't see this with my telescope.
How and why are the questions I think will never be answered. Only speculation. Take the Earth, before it was Earth logic tells me it was debris that through some great cause of nature (gravity) came together to form a planet. Where did the debris come from? It must have originated somewhere. Is this perhaps the answer, a nebula? If so, where did the nebula originate?

The beginning? well there had to be something before the beginning; if the universe has an end what lies beyond that?

With all the different religions on Earth and only one can "the truth" we must then come to the conclusion that they are all wrong. So in essence man did create god, but God (whoever or whatever that is) did create man.

more confusion: If animals don't have souls why do they give birth to young in pain? I was taught this was Eve's punishment (the tree of life thing).

more confusion: Adam (representing mankind) ate the 'apple' presented by Eve... who received it through the beguiling serpent. Now the lord holding no favorites in his anger punishes all three, we know Eve's punishment, Adam is left to never understand why a woman does what she does. Now the serpent, how easy can you get off? told he would "crawl on thy belly for all of thy days" Excuse me, that's what serpents do, they crawl on their belly.

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