Saturday, May 23

Even stoned you could make a better decision

Ok it is becoming clear to me now.
You run out of room in jail, you have to let criminals found guilty of terrible crimes go free because you are in the habit of locking up people for smoking pot or even driving after drinking a beer. This really makes sense doesn't it? Instead of murderers, rapists and thieves we lock up and destroy the lives of the ones that can really hurt us. Don't you feel safer now that John Doe who wasn't wearing a seat belt, got pulled over, found to have 1/2 ounce of marijuana in his vehicle and blew .08 on a breathalyzer is now in jail and will probably loose his drivers license, his job and will never again be able to be a contributing member of society?
Yup... I sure do, lets start locking up hitch hikers and, while we're removing the deadly lets make it a capital offense to jay walk.

Just don't forget how prohibition cleaned up the city streets back in the 30's

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