Friday, June 12


Waiting for wings and pizza for dinner. Its not quite the thrill of ribs but will work in a pinch.

So I am just hanging around, kissing MsPirate listening to some tunes and pretty much enjoying the evening.

Last night I was thinking about a media player I down loaded a few years ago. Will it work with Vista was my first question. I was using Windows XP when I first downloaded Apollo. Not a lot of eye candy but it works well, I think the equalizer works better than what is available on Winamp, or the Aimp3 player (2 media players I lean toward) I just don't like the Windows Media Player that much, never really have.

listening to the plot of the song...
ok, so everyone out there is not a Rush fan.
One interesting point to this tune is toward the end of the song By-Tor is referenced, By-Tor was featured in a song on the preceding record, "Fly By Night"

so here I give you a choice.

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