Wednesday, June 10

The Saga Continues

The saga all started last winter. With my "end of year bonus" I payed to get the water pump on Green Monster fixed. This included new water pump and timing belt (had to take t belt off so might as well put a new one in) and (still a problem now) hook up the cooling fan to the electric. Well the cooling fan ended up being a bigger problem than I thought it would be. Burning up the ignition switch, being hooked straight into the electric system, so a toggle switch was installed on the dash; costing me another $50 plus tow. The toggle worked out, for a bit, but when warmer weather came and I used the air conditioner that over loaded the toggle and it stopped working, switch was replaced with a similar one which worked fine until I turned the a/c on and that switch went out too. I stopped to see an old high school friend here in town with his own collision garage; who wondered why they didn't fix it the way it should have been done.
So essentially I am back to the beginning, before the water pump went out, I was having a problem with the cooling fan switch, and still I am having a cooling fan problem. Time to find a new garage.

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