Sunday, June 28


This is something, a product from Microsoft that doesn't do crazy things, like crash your whole system. Being a Google fan/follower/user I wanted to give the a try and see how it works. So I did a 'bing search' to see how it compared with Google. Well I guess it can't be that hard to replicate what Google has, search with the parameters set by key words. On a search for red dragons I did find the specific pic I was looking for but found a few I haven't seen before, this being one of those. I'm a old time Google fan though, thinking things will still be "Google it" and not the new "Bing it". Look at Yahoo, never earned the status to have an overall search referred to as "Yahoo it". Google is some pretty cool stuff. I have even tried Chrome, the browser Google put out about a year and a half ago. I thought it quicker than foxfire and way better than IE but did not support my blog site and that is what I am online about anymore... uninstalled that one. Anyhow, Bing is an ok overall search engine, as far as I have seen so far.
I did however come up with a few more 'off topic' results, such as this.

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