Sunday, June 21

breaking the law?

If you download music (pirating as it is commonly called) and who doesn't? maybe you should try a program like this one. I got away from the limewire, bearshare, and such back when I learned I could get albums instead of songs with Bit Torrents. Ares, pronounced the same as my cats name, Aries, is a pretty good file share program. This coming from a guy who used to have an FTP set up on his computer. In fact you can access bit torrent through the Ares program. Once on the web your material is essentially free to every one. Considering I was brought up in the share and share alike mindset, I am not breaking any laws sharing my music with others. I just have allot more friends now than back in the day my friend had a cassette recorder on his stereo and would get all the latest album releases (he bought the album, I came over with a cassette to record on.) And if you don't like the hollow sound of the .mp3 try a .flac you would be amazed at the difference.

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