Sunday, June 21

Sunday morning ramblings

in the lower left corner is probably the best feature on Windows. The Quick Launch tool bar is what I open programs with. I can keep my screen free of all the clutter from the icons on the desktop. I sure hope Bill doesn't get some wild idea of changing this like he did "add/remove programs" when Vista came out. I recall one of the first things I was doing with my new computer was get some of the worthless junk off the hard drive. So I open the "control panel" and look for add/remove on the top row of the "Classic Windows" view. I couldn't find it, or on the next line down. I was getting sorta nervous at this point. If we still use the same language, A as in Add would be at the top. How the heck do I remove programs. Well the whole experience was short lived, seems Bill saw what nobody else saw. The add/remove feature needed perfecting on top of already being the perfect feature. Now called "Programs and Features" and he also decided that since there is no reason for me to be using that "feature" moved it down the list almost halfway down the page. Minding that the "classic windows" has also changed into something I have never seen before.
Doesn't this defeat the purpose of the name "classic ".
It does after all done and said, make more sense the way it is now. I don't believe I ever knew how to add a program through the "add/remove" feature.

if you didn't know you can set your taskbar on either side, top or bottom of the screen.

If you don't want to see all icons on the desktop you don't have to. Simply right click an open part of the screen and click on view.

New idea for Bill, instead of a start button we start calling the start/stop button, and put it in the system tray

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Douglas said...

I always got a laugh out of that "moving taskbar" when it would happen to someone unexpectedly. First, the puzzlement. Then, the panic.

And Vista is a bit different but I hated XP so I skipped it.

I must be a sicko... I actually like Vista.

Neo said...

Vista just took a little getting used to, I like it too. The task bar, funny if you set it right side and auto hide, lmao