Monday, June 8

Follow up[

If you are a regular reader of my page you will remember an article about a high school student (with 3.7 gpa) Making a point after reading an essay on Legalizing pot lit a joint and smoked it in class, ate the remains and was then arrested for possession. Well here is a follow up. I have to give the young man credit for standing on what he believes.

By now you have probably figured out I do smoke and would like to see it legalized.

One point I have made in the past, how can you make a plant illegal? poison ivy has a much greater risk factor than marijuana, its still legal.

Cigarettes and other tobacco product are legal. Of course "big tobacco" has our gov't officials in their pockets.

We (U.S.A) have even tried the Alcohol Prohibition road and found that to be a failure.

So where does the madness end?

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Douglas said...

Even pot was legalized, it would most likely be illegal for the student. Odds are heavily against it being legalized for a 17 year old. Kid's got guts though.

Neo said...

yea like alcohol, better control, but minors still get it