Tuesday, June 9

stop the madness

Mind your own business I would say.

now the way I see things:
ok so I read if you stop jailing for possession and use, this is a small number of cases (marijuana specific) most in jail on possession/use charges would be cocaine and heroin, my response to this is these too are victimless crimes, why not attempt to treat this as a social "problem" instead of a legal one? Its not really a problem in my book anyway. Myself, I have no desire to do meth, shot drugs in my veins, or mess with crack, speed or pills. My real point here is if these substances were available on the legal market there wourldn't be "drug deals gone bad" = death violence and mayhem. (see Glenn Frey- Eagles fame)

Burglary, Murder, Rape, Child Endangering, there is lots of crime out there, crime by definition has a perpetrator and a victim, who is really a victime in a drug bust?
It is you the tax paying citizen; seeing your tax dollar go to waste with the cost on policeing, tracking and busting an enteprenour just trying to make a living (it fwould be taxable income if legal)
Why does a government "for the people" have so much control over what we do?

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