Sunday, June 7


Heard the news? Paul Rogers - new 'front man' for Queen? You have to be kidding me, Queen is old stuff, leave it alone. Paul, From Free, Bad Company and The Firm; you are a legend, don't mess with that. I am into the older stuff, and I think once "the band" is disfigured (members die etc) It should be left to the archives of rock n roll. I mean I can't see Paul doing 'Bohemian Rhosody or other original Queen tunes. Now sometimes a change will work, Beatles changed drummers, as did Rush and Pink Floyd changed guitarist (was a strange one with Pink Floyd, as the guitarist who left was also the main soul of the original Pink Floyd)
Having listened, think we can add Queen to that list.

well how about that, I gave it a good listen and it don't sound half bad, Paul pulled a good one this time.
Just like a legend would do!

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