Sunday, June 7

correcting myself

I am so happy to have been shown how to use a torrent file to download. Though they do work for video most of what I download is audio. Spent just a little time this morning searching for a collection of tunes by Queen done with Paul Rogers as front man. Wasn't the quickest search I have done, found one that had no seeds, just leechers. Many were improperly named as my search went, but then I can't tell you what to call a file before you send it to a share site. If you use Ares as a download program you can access torrent files, I prefer one called Utorrent. Go to the tools (preferences) tab and set the program as default torrent application. Then using one of several torrrent sites find what you are looking for. Caution to those with small hard drive space: you can find 15 - 20 gigabite files. I have accessed files as big as 2-3 gigs but generally if the file is measured in MB you get a good collection of tunes. As the guy that introed me to torrents always said "why dl tunes when you can get albums? (cd's)
Also can (as I refered) down load movies video and tv showes with this bit-torrent.
If darring enough you can also find pirated programs, including but not limited to Windows, Adobe Print Shop and a mass of other Pro version programs. (Bill Gates once had me on the 10 most wanted cyber list) My Windows XP Pro was a pirated program, I had Winamp Pro, Limewire Pro, Nero and a host of other programs on my old computer and never had to buy any software.
Was a bit tricky using these programs, especially the Windows, but with a few patches and Code changers I did well for the 5-6 years I did that.

But any way I found what I spent the morning looking for. So my last post on Paul Rogers is not all together accurate. The dude is a legend, from Free to Bad Company to The Firm the guy showed himself to be a great rocker. This new venture of his with Brian May and Queen (- Freddy) could really go somewhere. If you care to look, once in the bit torrent site, IsoHunt is where I found it, look for "return of the champions" in a Queen search... excellent piece of music.

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dog grrrrl said...

Oh I so disagree! While I do agree that once a band loses some like Fredie Mercury it's over I don't agree that Paul Rogers is anywhere near good enough to even look at Freddie's shoes (stripper pumps size ten I'm sure)

It's sacriledge to put him in there! No range at all! Freddie was operatic, extreme and poetic. A voice for the ages. "Good lovin' gone bad" puhleeze.

Neo said...

girl, if you go to the post before, titled "2" and click the audio tab in the bottom box you might change opinion, I was thinking the same as you till I listened. Perhaps to continue as "Queen" would be a little far fetched though

dog grrrrl said...

Nope sorry. But I will admit that Queen was the soundtrack for my teenage years and to me it's blasphemy to suggest such a thing. Paul Rogers is all well and good where he belongs but he doesn't belong in Queen. I went on You Tube and watched Paul do "I want to break free" then Freddie, no contest.

Neo said...

well I do realize this, Freddy was great, you know his first musical experience was opera... he's great and can't be replaced, but Brian and the band still want to go on, Paul is available and a pretty good singer (but not Freddy)