Wednesday, June 10

So here I sit, ready for another day and Turfman calls, "looks like rain coming in", I say with the Cincinnati weather radar up on the screen, "yea, about an hour"
On hold again. Sounds like a great thing, wow, you say he doesn't have to go to work early, well, same amount of work, just get started later. So I will be out later and this is not a good thing. My hours: when I get started to when I get finished.

Boss called me, day off but its not like a weekend day off, I still had to be ready by 6:30 am and all that. Looking like the same thing is gonna be up tomorrow. If tomorrow don't work I will be in on Saturday, if we get something done tomorrow I have a full weekend (sucks to be me sometimes)

Morning Events:
Saw a pair of deer walk across the hillside in front of the building, a doe and her fawn. Cutest little deer, with the spots on its back. Saw the doe a couple weeks back with an injured leg, she was still limping but could put some weight on the leg. Her fawn was having no problem keeping up with Mom.

Still raining, which is a good thing actually - hate when the day is called for rain then you end up with no rain rest of the day. Makes the day off nice but you could have been getting stuff done and closer to the end product, which for a lawn tech is always late November / early December.

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