Friday, July 10

laff with me

Home alone, but I am ok with that.
What's with this Vonage thing, the phone service; I thought I remembered it being $19.99 a month. Now seeing TV and hearing radio ads stating "always" been $24.99... cable and phone service rates climbing... yata yata yata.
Is there no truth in advertising anymore?
Like Pepsi is better than Coke or Burger King is better than McDonald's??
And what may I ask ever happened to not using the competitions name in advertising?
I remember the days of the "Brand A and Brand B"

Hay while we are on the subject, how come my air mattress didn't come with a "cat clause" ??

So, I'm in Cincinnati for a lay over. I am having my usual cup of coffee and the waitress asks "can I get you another cup of coffee?" I respond "please" and she says a little louder, "can I get you another cup of coffee?"

not mine but:
always keep a trash bag in your car, it doesn't take up that much room and when it gets full you can just toss it out the window.

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