Saturday, July 4

logic and laws

I am going to assume there was an event that wiped out the entire race of Dinosaurs. Now if this event did occur, most scientists will say a meteor shower long ago. I'd be more willing to believe a solar flare and the radiation did the job. Ok so dinosaurs are gone, how come the alligator wasn't included? and what about the sharks? they say those are dinosaurs . And what of the birds, I have read the dinosaurs were more like birds than lizards too. Is total annihilation a possibility? I know mankind has attempted this before, pesticides for example. So what do you suppose happened? Could that be a mistake? Lets see... This "creator"; that omnipotent force, and or being steps back to look at this creation. As the an old man putting his forefinger to his chin this creator thinks, "hmmmmm, this isn't gonna work with the humans I made." and then there was Genesis. Perhaps not as Moses would tell it. Perhaps, the 7 days need to equal billions of years? Mankind was not just "boom" mankind is here. Yes, a slow, very slow development that can be traced all the way back to slug's first emergence from the murky waters.

Perhaps, mankind's first sin was killing a beast for food. The birds and fish just weren't good enough, had to go for those heart attack causing, cancerous beasts on the land.

According to some, this wasn't it for the creation thing. "Creator" said enough is enough and told Noah to build an ark and then... need I go on? Well my guess is this too would have to be a metaphor with a "do good" sort of theme.

After all the bible was written by men (not god/creator)

When you really get down to it, all laws are of religious decent. Murder is a capital crime, burglary will turn you into a felon, I don't know one parent that would encourage their children to lie, wait till your grown up to start having sex, and if you get married, you should really stick it out to the end. Now doesn't this sound sort of like the 10 commandments Moses received? Up date: commandment just down to me from Creator, #11- (he talks old time English) Thou shall not drive a motor vehicle when stoned on alcohol.

There was a time not that long ago, you would be hanged for taking a person's horse.

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