Saturday, July 4


This pirate did have a sort of scare today. Computer was doing some funny things. AVG sends a window telling me "out of memory". Windows, being the 'all knowing' gives me the choice to 'let Windows find the solution'. Clicking this window, and wonderful Windows in a Vista way 'thinks' through the problem and comes back with a "driver needed". Now I have seen the company up the street from work always has a sign out front that says the same thing; but I'm willing to bet we are talking about different things. So as things turn out, I need to download and install a driver for my Intel Pro 1000 Network Adapter. But wait just a minute, My network adapter was just fine, what do you mean I need to download and install? Well Windows being Windows, must have lost it somewhere. I go to the start>right click computer and click the manage tab. Down the list I go to find Network Adapter, and sure enough, that darn exclamation point is there. Go to 'update driver' and what do you know, Windows can't find it.

Still thinking of a Reuben sandwich, has to settle on ham and swiss on rye w/mustard.

So I'm thinking, go to the Dell site, find the driver and be done with this mess. Well I did finally find the Intel driver I needed, but left me thinking, if there was a problem with the network adapter, how was my computer able to stay online? well any how, I downloaded a driver that had all the right words on it and now the exclamation point is gone.

I'm starting to believe this Windows Vista is just a deluxe model of Windows XP.

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