Sunday, September 27

new stuff

Doing ok, went in to the store for a veggie steamer, found one for a few bucks, walking by the bedding dept twice got me to thinking, I need a new comforter for the bed. Walking about shopping, I find most $45-65 were same pattern both sides, just a comforter. Turn the corner and there it was, on sale $39 reversible comforter, sheets, pillow cases and a sham for the box spring. Grabbed that up in a hurry. My boss, off immediate subject for a min, gave me a sofa and a couple dressers a while back. Now with a new comforter and new dressers, the place looks real nice. The lighter color does a lot brighten up the room. Its the phone cam, it looks real nice

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1 comment:

angelzwild said...

I can't wait to see it 'up close and personal.'