Saturday, September 26

I am a prophet

I listen to the ones I know care about me, and even like me, and I have found it time to take the plunge forward into my new life. Dating and meeting will come, I am sure, as it always has come in the past. It is a good thing, and even a necessity to sit idle a while before starting into a new relationship. The time factor is unknown, and unimportant... as long as there is time between. Then we will be avoiding the rebound, and every one knows the rebound seldom works out. I do realize I will have peaks and valleys, I need to let these run their course. Like I have said from the beginning:
As the Phoenix, I shall rise from my ashes!

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1 comment:

angelzwild said...

Oh hell you will and you'll be better than you were before. That, I promise you.

It was great fun talking with you today and tonight, Nicholas Cage. LOL!!!