Sunday, October 25

Life ain't so bad

Its all good news, going over the budget, considering my blessings and I got nothing worth a heck to complain about. Take care of me, take care of my daughter,

well the x-wife chips in quite a bit on that, and take care of my cats. Basically everything on this end is easy street. And I am loving it. I call the shots now! I mean look, I make a roast every Sunday, I get my soul in order every Sunday and the Bengals (aka in the past "the Bungles") are in a winning mode, job is secure, I'm healthy, in a healthy environment (well the smoking isn't all that good). I guess I should take a little time today to clean the apartment up, the white cat, Neo is shedding gobs of hair on the carpet. Note to self: RUN THE SWEEPER TODAY!
The apartment is all together, sofa and all. Its a great day to be alive Thank you!

Well yea there is a rip in the cushion but hey, it was free, pillows included!
Well, time to get the show on the road, counting the blessings is a good thing I need to do everyday.
I'll take this life... time to go, back in a bit
oh yea... GO BENGALS!!!

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