Thursday, January 21


Alright, they did it this time. Those fools at AOL have messed with me the last time. Well not really as they are the ones that provide me with Winamp. The only thing I don't like about Winamp is AOL owns it. It has a small interface, the equalizer stays hidden, until you need to adjust it, and the adjustments actually seem to be worth a darn. Well now Winamp comes up with an update today and when all finished installed and booted back up I find the skin choice has been reduced to only the 'classic' Winamp skin, Its ok I guess, just a little different and I can't change the color scheme as I could on the Winamp 'modern' skin. This is sorta a drag. Clicking the screen shots will give a better view. Not wanting to complain alot, I guess I should just buck up and deal with the change. Just to let you know, I am not real happy about this.

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