Sunday, January 24

THE answer

Using space as a 'war' effort? Sounds strange, but if you think about it, Space Exploration can be used to fuel the economy like a war effort would. War puts more people to work, producing goods and services needed over the everyday wants and needs of the nation. Rather than increasing the amount of tanks and artillery, it would boost the economy to build a fleet of Shuttle and Planetary spacecraft. The science effort would replace the war effort, and with a minimal of casualties. I say minimum knowing space travel is dangerous. Human exploration is dangerous work.  More work, needs more workers, thus providing the tax revenue needed. Is this not what is known as "fueling" the economy?   

This is production with a cause other than just killing other humans.  
You are probably sitting there say, "Neo, for a pirate you have some pretty darn good ideas"
my response to that of course would me , "argh"

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