Monday, January 4

Polite Pirate

As you know, I am a Pirate, and not a mean one at that, I am actually quite nice, respectful and have manners. My favorite is the "pirate download of music". Now I know it has to cut into the budget a little when your record sales start dropping off, but think about it really, a rock star on a budget? Maybe sell the Corvette and only have a dozen, instead of a bakers dozen? But anyway, to go on, most of the income is off of touring anyway so I pirate my music. I am a polite pirate as I do leave the torrent up to seed a few days, or till the ratio is 1 or better (this is the ratio of upload to download) Never take with out giving back.

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The Jules said...

If no-one ever got paid for making music there would still be great music around.

Forgive me for not sympathising with pop stars.

Gregory said...

jules, yea it is a passion, no one, well except kiss did it for the money.

Anonymous said...

When someone sings a song out loud, who owns that?

Gregory said...

secretia has a point there