Monday, January 25

The Missing Folder

The 4th album this band made un-named or simply Led Zeppelin; the album is refered to by fans as signs, symbols, ruins, zoso, sticks and Led Zeppelin 4. It is thought, by some to have some demonic tones to it. In the vinyl LP edition the album cover opens like a book and the man with the lantern viewed on the inside. When held up to a mirror, mirror being on the right side of the picture you will see a beasts face. The picture alone; in my opinion, has a rather demonic back drop to it. The symbols along the lower edge seem to have an ancient, satanic look; note there are 4 signs, 4 band members. There is also the song Stairway to Heaven; probably the most famous (not the best) song this band produced. The song is about a lady buying her way into heaven, if played backwards the song allegedly has several demonic or satanic messages in it. 

Back when I was 13 I purchased this record in 8-track format. Later, I purchased again in vinyl lp format, about a year later when I bought my first turn table. I do believe most of my readers to be of the age to remember the 8-track tape. Sorry, didn't mean this post to make you feel old or anything. And yes I did try the spinning-the-record-backwards to try and see if there was any truth to this so called "back masking". Though the speed was off I was hearing, satan is my lord, 666, and other such claimed phrases and messages. Coincidence? Perhaps, but I did hear rumors Jimmy Page was into Black Magic. Not real sure where the info originated, so I can't testify on the validity of such rumors. 

Really what got me started on this is my music collection. For years has been put on CDR for removable storage; regardless of how many CD's it took. Since my new computer came with a DVD burner I have been slowly converting the  'discographies' that take more than one CDR to DVDR. My Led Zeppelin collection is approximately 2 gigs of data; audio alone took 2 CDR's to hold. I thought I had everything Led Zeppelin from the studio. So I go to burn this to a DVDR I noticed the collection was missing an album, the Led Zeppelin 4 aka signs, symbols, sticks, ruins, zoso. Not to say this is the best album they made but is probably the most popular. I'm a little tossed between Physical Graffiti or Presence. As far as the recorded performances I would hands down go with How the West Was Won, their newest (haha) newest? Live set of 3 cd's. But it did stick in my head how did I not have the original studio set with Stairway to Heaven on it? Not to mention I didn't have The Battle of Evermore or The Misty Mountain Hop. And further more, this was supposedly an 'updated' discography; since my daughter took my original to college with her. 

There are a few more songs... well heck, all 8 of the songs on this album are great. 

That's whats missing with cd's: the album art. I swear, I seen it myself, if you open the cover to see the man on the mountain with the lantern, hold it to a mirror you will see a beast.

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