Sunday, January 24

Updated update

Being the software pirate I am, I knew there was an answer. Google (my best software friend) was the answer. In my last post I let my readers know, I was unhappy with the skin choice on the latest winamp update. The answer was to re-download (if that is a term) the update, and the checks in boxes had to be adjusted. When the last of the check boxes was "Winamp detector" is checked I have the choice of the 'bento' and 'modern' skins. I have the 'modern' skin now. I did try the bento skin once, wasn't at all what I wanted. Reminded me of the windows media player, took up the whole screen to just play a tune. Seems to be a big todo about nothing at all, all I need is a player, with a readout of time expired vs time left and title/artist... just the stuff you would want on a music player.  I am  a fan of the 'windows shade' mode. In this mode, the player appears as a stick, fits in top banner of windows or a web page. In this size it is very easy to use the player 'always on top'
This leaves the winamp player as the 'top' program on the screen, and you can check the progress of what is currently playing, last played and next, doesn't use any space on the page as it just takes the banner to show. Simple huh? 

Ok so problem solved. Right now I am using my winamp to listen to a Beatles record, Rubber Soul. And am left with the question: How can you not love the Beatles? True I am a Beatles fan, but also am a fan of Pink Floyd; I can see the style and form of Pink Floyd might not appeal to all, so I let it go, and understand, some may not like Pink Floyd. And still, I ask how can you not love the Beatles.

Wow... never thought I would be saying this again- time to go and see my girlfriend.
I'm pretty sure I will post again tonight.

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