Sunday, February 21

Can you please explain why?

Quite a bit of information on this page. Of all the interesting phoenomina in and about the Solar System Saturn and her rings have to be on the top of the list. I could read for hours on the subject. Learn a little, understand less, and have 3 million questions raised about thier formation, where they come from and how they got there. Much less how they stay and for so long. There are several hypothesized reasons, I will set this in the "unexplained" category.  Some suggest a fragmented moon during the great bombardment. Recently the Cassini space craft brought to light the geysers of Enceladus feeding the F ring. Obviously gravity does play a part. So many questions... why the planets beyond the asteroids have rings, why gas giants? Do the rings dissipate in time? Why Saturn to be the one with the most visible rings?  Then more questions, the physical characteristics, spokes, shadows, shepherd moons and moonlets. I read, learn and am so interested, there never seems to be a loss of new information. Does it take a "brain surgeon" a "rocket scientist" or a "planetary ring scientist" to find the answers? I need to know!

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