Sunday, February 21

Announcement vs Rambling

argh Matey, as my nic suggests, Neo, Pirate or for those who visit, Greg, or Gregory. I have decided to do away with my newer blog site known as Gregs World. The issues I spoke of, in a previous post, while small and of little importance, did enough to make me open another page to use as my 'avenue of posting'. I just couldn't let go of the characterture (check if that's a word) I had created as Pirate Named Neo (refers  to Neo matrix series and a cat). So with the recent resolution of such issues I am deleting GregsWorld on a permanent basis. It was beginning to just become 'another choice' in life. You know the drill, what shirt should I wear today.... what should I have for breakfast... should I post this in Neo's or Greg's page. Made life a little unnerving and unsettling. Too many decisions to be made in a day.  

I am working on a new strategy to my live and the way I deal with everyday problems; including but not limited to: computer issues, breakfast foods, and interpersonal relations. Never settle (I haven't done that many times) and Never get complacent (quite guilty of this one). Its so easy to 'let' things happen, or say, accept life 'as it is' as if I have no choice or power to control what happens next. Of course I have a choice, save ... taxes, death, and wear I am buried, I always have a choice. I can even get around the taxes part of that if I don't mind living as a fugitive or in very tight quarters surrounded by criminals. 

It has now taken me 40 some years, well hold on a sec... Ok, bear with me here a moment...
Growing up we will call 18 the age you start figuring out life, will call it 10 years experience and training before you really have the where with to make intelligent decisions; so we will say that life starts at about 30.
  Ok so I'm in the game now some 17 years. Yea 2 divorces doesn't stand in the caliber of Saint; failure is one of the best teachers though.

Should I live in the name of love, or in the name of God? I think they are one in the same.

Where ever your faith comes from or takes you too; isn't it a universal thing to be kind, nice, supportive, true, etc etc.? All the defines of love would have to be the same as 'Good'.

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