Saturday, February 20

Problem solved after how many years?

I am not sure everyone caught the gripping, I had given up and just figured I would live with the problem. What was the problem? When I first started my blog a few years back I was searching for the "perfect template". For some strange reason I couldn't find anything that really opened my eyes looking through what Blogger had to offer. I did finally find one that I liked, not realizing I could control the background color and such of whatever template I installed. What I found was to my eyes perfect except for a few small details. I could not post a picture with the title/description, and the date/time stamp always read "undefined". Not being a veteran to the blogosphere I looked in page elements, settings, layout etc, all the stuff that I knew to change the look of an individual page. I went along thinking nothing of it really, just the voice in my head (yes I have those) kept saying "there has to be a way to fix this."

Alas.... I was giving it a try again today and the past few to figure the solution to this problem. It was just my Pirate Named Neo page. I have a few others I post to occasionally everything is fine, have created pages for MsNeo no problem. I tried looking through the html edit, basically french to me, wii,wii mizure... weak I know but I can understand a few codes in html, line breaks, bold fonts, font colors etc... but the overall process is as a foreign language. I am getting better though.

So I decide a google search is in order here. My main concern was the date/time stamp; I type into the google search, " date time undefined". In the very first head line at the top of the page reads "did you recently use a third party template?" I open that page and read a bit. It was a forum, speaking of the same problem I was having, a few lines down the answer was there in settings, formatting. Revert widgets back to default. So after years of scratching my head not knowing how to fix, google took me right there to it. 

You knew I had to throw a screen shot in, didn't you? 

I have no idea that crossing the widget line, and going for a third party template could cause such a problem. 

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