Wednesday, February 10

Just Browsing

The main feature in this shot is supposed to be the browser, theme, color, layout etc.
Sand is the name they give to this particular layout. If you are still using IE as your road into the cyber-world highway, you have totally missed the boat. Personally I think Microsoft has their hands in too many cookie jars. Their [products] include:
  • OS Windows
  • Windows Media Player
  • Outlook Email
  • Internet Explorer (browser)
  • Spyware Scans
  • Firewall (security)
  • Office tools
  • Adware Blocker

The list is actually longer than what I have named. You know how it goes, if it involves windows based programing Microsoft is there. Sort of sum it up in "Yea, we got an app for that." 

Mozilla, on the other hand, does browsers and pretty much browsers only. Step aside with me a minute here. Say you are into scuba diving, and say you need some 'accessories' for your wetsuit, would you not go to a specialty store for scuba diving as opposed to a general "sporting goods" store? or You have a pickup to replace on your guitar, don't you go to someone that knows and specializes in guitars? I suppose one could raise the point, you already make the software for the operating system, doesn't it just make sense to do all the other stuff too? Have you ever heard the saying "spread to thin". Imagine if you could for just a minute, or maybe 20 seconds, what if Microsoft had nothing to concern itself with but Windows Vista, or Windows 7. Would you think the  "bugs" and problems would be less, if even there at all? Yes you may raise the fact the Mozilla offers a wide range of [product] Firefox, Netscape and Email programs such as Thunderbird. I see this as 'all falling under one roof', Internet access. I for one am more satisfied with the quality and variety offered by Mozilla than the "one size fits all" of Microsoft. 
This has been just one geeks opinion.    Oh, btw... I like Opera browser better than IE I like Google Chrome better than IE and have I even tried the SeaMonkey project and liked it better than IE.

Its not supposed to seem like an advertisement,
even though it does.

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