Wednesday, February 24

once upon a time, in a galaxie far far away... or just me being a brat

Blogging should be easy with as much going on in my life; but then there is voluntary censorship. The things I do not and will not discuss with the 'general public'. Too personal or other... In other words mind your own business! But any way...
I was reminiscing about growing up, coming of age, and getting into the social scene. Yea you got it, I'm talking of the adventures of Young Pirate, alcohol and socializing, back to day one, or there abouts. Upon my discovery of Beer and all the wonderful things it did... I had been out with "the guys" in the neighborhood. We found various spots, venues, and places to do our evil wares, including but not limited to: an old tool shed the old man thought we just had a "club" in, the empty houses vacated by previous owners, the elementary school (once it was dark out) and others... Beer mostly but some whiskey, spirits and others. Well one day we ( the yings of the neighborhood vs the yangs) had found a way to make "wine". Grape drink, drop some yeast in, cover with a balloon and wait a few days (wine production actually requires years). So we (the yings) get this bottle, pretty tasty as I remember, present said bottle to the yangs, and the bargaining began. Well we got this full bottle of "wine" how bout we trade for your 2/3rds bottle of Old Grand Dad?  What a fool, he went for it, hook, line and sinker... came to us after the fact and complimented us on out fine "wine". Now you can see why it is known as "Ying and Yang" rather than "Yang and Ying." Ying being the more intelligent and cunning. Well I just wanted to share that little story with you, I hope you enjoy it as much as I do... ah shoot, you cant, cause I'm the one who drank most the Old Grand Dad. lmao

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