Wednesday, February 24

Silly aka Comic releif

Ok, those who know me, or sorta know me or even know me in a strictly electronic way will know  I am not a gamer... video games are just not my thing. However... I know you're laughing in a lmao way. Pirate the cook... ha! Well I am really hooked on this little game, "Cafe' World." I know you other bloggers aren't into the social network... that lower caliber "blogger" or as some call, "the blogger wannabe". Some of the games you can do on Face Bookie or what ever are really addicting. While I am building up my "cafe" adding decorations adding tables and chairs, I maintain a meal for the random customers... silly stuff I know. In compare with what I started with, I have built "Pirates Pub" into an outstanding eatery. Stop by some time, we do have a shrimp cocktail to die for.

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