Thursday, February 25

White Death, again

I keep hearing snow snow snow... this is not exactly a good thing. For one I hate the cold, has to be cold to snow. Next is the longer the snow stays around lawn care can not effectively be done. This is already cutting my start time to the late stage. This does mean more Saturday work. I don't like working 6 days a week. Then again, I don't have allot to do on Saturday, so I might as well make some money while doing it. Looks to be an additional inch this morning, and more on the way...

Not to abruptly change the subject... but then again this is my blog, and you go where I go... Why is it that some people don't function well in the early AM? I seem to be fine regardless of the time I go to bed at night. Woke up this morning, no alarm clock buzzing, no radio; just woke up looking at the clock, 4:50 ish AM. I got out of bed, made the bed and the day begins. Well sure that's early; I don't have to be at work till 9:00 AM. I am just thinking, why sleep in when I only have so many days of life?

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Eowyn said...

We're already getting a fair bit of snow here in my neck of the woods -- although I hear the coast, and New England/New York, are going to get a lot more.

I not only hate the cold, but snow, too. (That's why I live in Pa., har-har) I was ready for spring in October! Oh, well, it LOOKS pretty ... till you have to shovel it, *sigh*

By the way, GREAT header photo you've put on the blog :)

Have a great (even if stormy) day!