Tuesday, February 16

The Record (and I thought I had already payed my debt to society)

Now I know my posts the past few days have been weak and not of the sort of quality you have come to expect from me, so for this I apologize.  Must be that creative side I like to display is beat down by the cold the snow the icicles and being stuck inside. This is a record snowfall month of February, last record set in 1930 or so, I forget what the weather guru on tv said. I just know I have not seen this much snow in a very long time. I did take the time to measure the snow depth collected on top of my porch coffee table... 18 inches and I'm not all that sure the tape measure was all the way to the table top, could have actually been 19-20 inches. I dove the tape down the center of the pile, and there is an ash tray on the table top, not sure where though. 
Well take a look at that, its beer:30... not to worry, I have beer here too. 

Like  I said, the snowed in is not all that bad, not like I'm gonna starve or perish or anything like that.

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1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Snowed in, that makes for a lot of drinking, napping and feasting, from where I came from.