Tuesday, February 16

On to mars... or something like that

Sometimes I just amaze myself, was just sitting in the bedroom, thinking...  It was a good thinking time too. "Cause you're just cool that way" I was thinking to myself.  I give myself to much credit some times, but then if I don't, no one else will. 

So here I sit, no work to do, I could go out if there wasn't a ton of snow piled up behind the Green Monster. Essentially I am what one would call "snowed in". I do have food, its not like I need to get out risking life and limb, got everything I need here. 

Watching the Nat Geo channel the last night, man.... incredible show. Was a scientist that worked on different space robots talking about a manned mission to Mars. I did find one fact he went over to be of great interest. I was describing a sequence of events on a Star Trek show that was beyond science. A man wearing a space suit gets a rod through his leg in outerspace... The program I was watching did a demonstration: fill a small cup with a few ounces of water in a vacuum, as the air pressure dropped the water began boiling at room temperature. Now I knew there was a reason astronaugts needed the pressurized suit. My thought was the body would explode or something, I didn't realize the liquid in the body would boil. Guess I knew but needed reminded. The man on Star Trek would have boiled from the inside had the pressure in the space suit failed. Not exactly an experience I would like to go through or see for that matter. Hollywood is always breaking the rules of science.

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Anonymous said...

Greg, today I noticed in your profile that you are an astronaut.
That is amazing, and it's a good job for you, with your love of and knowledge of all things celestial.

Earth can be a nice place too...


Gregory said...

@secretia- I am not really an astronaut, just a wish, I am a Lawn Care Professional, fertilizer and Herbicides are my moon rocks, lol